Why Hire Wishes!

We are a team of wedding professionals who share a true desire and commitment to work with couples and coordinate extraordinary and unique weddings.  We as a team believe in flawless execution, exceeding expectations and remaining friendly & fun.  Our heart and soul goes into each and every wedding.

We know you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices available to you in the wedding industry today.  Don’t worry!  We know you have a vision of what you imagine your special day to be, it just takes the resources, guidance, expertise and dedication of a professional to make your vision come to life.  With Wishes! by your side you will receive answers to your many questions and a trusted advisor.  We will develop a close relationship and you will gain a sense of comfort, trust and confidence in us.  Having this connection allows you to express your needs and opinions openly and honestly and makes the planning experience an enjoyable and effortless one.  You will feel comfortable and will always be able to laugh out loud with us.  We will ensure you have a great experience.

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