Level One

Designed for the couple who enjoys planning their wedding, but understands they need a professional to manage all the details.  You will receive unlimited advice via email, three planning meetings to ensure that your day is exactly how you planned and unlimited hours on your wedding day.  We will ensure that you, your fiance, family and friends get to relax and enjoy your wedding day instead of having to setup, manage everyone involved and stay hours after the party to clean up.  We will wrap up the details and ensure a flawless wedding day.  This level of service is also great if you are on a tighter budget.


Level Two

Designed for the couple who doesn’t mind doing some planning, but wants a partner throughout their unique planning process.  In addition to planning meetings you will receive a customized budget, customized planning timeline, guidance and tracking, vetted vendor recommendations and a professional planner ensuring all the important details and deadlines haven’t been overlooked.  By investing in this level of service you and your fiance will be brought closer together while you make the fun decisions and we focus on the logistics.

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